Tuesday, March 25, 2014

24 March 2014 - The Parable of the Cleaning Check

Well hello.   This week was dandy.  First off I got some great news.  So we have a new music policy here in the Fukuoka Mission.   Anything that is not endorsed by the church, like doesn't have the church`s name on it, is now dame (not permitted).   So like EFY music, Motab, and BYU Mens Chorus and such is okay, but all else, Piano Guys, Enya, etc is all dame haha   Dakara yoroshiku onagaishimasu.   I don't really mind it too much.   I did enjoy the Piano Guys and Enya but I was also tired of missionaries abusing the privilege of music.  haha  I thought the new rules were actually quite funny.  I was excited to see peoples reactions.

Also this week we had cleaning checks and it proved to be a great learning experience for me.   Not because I finally learned how to clean, no I've been doing that since I was old enough to walk, my parents made sure of that.   But I learned fast that "Cleaning Check" was quite different in the other elders minds.   As we began cleaning check, one of the elders sat down and started organizing all of his letters, while the other elder took out his camera and started looking through all is pictures.   As you can imagine I started to get a little frustrated that I was the only one cleaning as usual, but then I remembered a talk by John Bytheway about reversing your buts. I was thinking the cleaning is getting done now, but I'm the only one cleaning!   Then I realized I need to think, 
"Hey I'm the only one cleaning right now, but the cleaning is getting done."  I was thinking in ward as the natural man and not outward like Christ.   So after that I thought out ward for the rest of the time and its amazing how much more happy one can be as they turn outward despite how unfair things may be.  So I've realized I will prolly just only turn outward for the rest of my life because in the end it is much more happy.

I gave talk number like 6 or 7 in Sacrament Meeting on Sunday.  This week I was given a whole 3 days advance for the talk, that's the soonest so far!   I sort of mixed the turning outward and the talk you shared with me from your Youth Conference that Steve Young gave and talked about how we need to focus on obedience and not sacrifice.   With sacrifice we focus on what we are giving up for what we may get in result, but we don't need to worry about that. God has promised that with obedience he will always provide.   We just need to be obedient and whatever situations we may be in, we just see how much we can learn and grow from it and enjoy it.   So yeah now the Kagoshima Branch all know about Steve Young,   It's a good time.

Kusatsu san is progressing greatly.   She is up to I think like Alma 10 or something in the Book of Mormon but she got sick and couldn't come to church.   Still in every lesson so far, the lesson we have planned happens to be perfect and answer what question she has at the beginning of the lesson. Before our lesson I decided I wanted to read the Tree of Life with her and it happened to answer the exact questions she had from her reading in Alma 5. haha   The member who always joints with us, Sasaki Shimai, was getting pretty excited about it when we were talking at church,   She was like "you are a gift from God prepared for her!   You always know exactly what to teach her and it is always such a good lesson!  Go home and read Alma 5 and you will notice the lesson was just perfect!   You are prepared from God!"   The best part was I just smiled and nodded, "oh thank you, yes thank you, thank you, oh you are too kind" and then asked Urakami Choro what she said after because I couldn't understand what the heck she was trying to tell me.  I got something about returning home and being prepared from God and such.   So glad we cleared that one up. 

Kagoshimaben (dialect) is still a process in the learning.

Oh also Stevo about my haircut I got this week, when the lady was blow drying my hair I started laughing way hard and couldn't stop laughing because my hair looked so ridiculous and it reminded me of your stories when you got your haircuts in Japan and had an Afro after.   I felt way bad because the lady was way confused and thought she was doing something wrong, but I couldn't hold back my laughs.   It was just too good haha.

Well that's about all I can think of for this week.   My new companion will be Elder Sasaki.   He is in my same transfer and a hard worker so I am way excited.   I am looking forward to the reinforcements soon.   Two  ZL`s is much more convenient than 1. 

Well I hope everyone is genki.   Lets see some pics from Masons b day aye??   17- holy smokes he's gonna be hitting midlife crisis soon,  watch out.  

Well love you all.   Life is good.   Dendo is great.   Looking forward to that massage in 2 years.
Elder Bloomfield

Kagoshima District

Sakura (Cherry Blossoms)

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