Tuesday, March 25, 2014

17 March 2014 - My First Earthquake

Well this week was fun filled!!!

Monday/Tuesday we did junkai (splits) with Miyakonojo.   We had a tabehodai all you can eat yakiniku (like barbecued meat) which was a great time.   When we came home Tuesday night we got a call from a member to go home teaching with him.   Hometeaching here in Japan is quite interesting.   It usually means do a joint lesson with the missionaries to whoever you are assigned to home teach...   Most often at the church after the meetings have ended.   Perhaps if they called them home visiting teaching here, they would actually go visit the home more.   I do not know, beats me. 

Kusatsu san is doing great as well.   She finally prayed for us in our lesson Wednesday and when we visited her Saturday she said that Thursday morning when she woke up, after she had prayed Wednesday night, she woke up with just a good feeling she couldn't really describe.  We set a baptismal date with her for April 13th.   She understands that in order to receive an answer from God she must come to church as well and will hopefully come to church this week.   She is progressing so good though.   She is awesome!!   She is already in  Mosiah in the Book of Mormon and reads everyday.   We are worried she may be reading it as a novel though, so I'll have to do a fun filled reading time with her this week.

On Thursday we junkaied in Miyazaki.   I got to junkai with my good bud Elder Hanohano because he is the District Leader there.  It was a way fun time.   We worked hard and taught a lot of people the gospel on the streets of this beautiful country.   

We also had a group of little kids follow us for a good 10 minutes calling us Chinkos.  Perhaps Dad knows what that is but I feel it is not appropriate to type in English so I shall keep it hidden.  It was quite interesting though.   I felt bad for the parents of these children and worse how they thought that it was actually funny. 

Thursday night we also received a call from our good President Gustafson.   Elder Mukaitani has gone AP and had to leave Saturday to be trained for 2 weeks because both the aps are going home this transfer and the office is basically getting white washed.   So I'm a lone wolf in the Zone Leader world for a couple of weeks until I get a new companion.   haha   Hokokus (not sure what that is called in English, the thing where you call about how everyone is doing and report on their work for the week) took a little longer than usual this morning but it was a good time.   The best part is guess who his companion as AP is??  Yes, my good friend and father Elder Dolbin! Fun times, Fun times. 

For the next couple weeks though I am basically just put with the other 2 elders in the apartment and we are a trio for a bit.   It is pretty entertaining when we are streeting.   There are 3 guys on bikes stopping you and then following you down the street.  Probably isn't the most comforting experience for our friends here in Japan. 

Can't really think of what else happened this week. I saw some monkeys playing together in a field while I was riding the train home from Miyazaki on Friday.  They were just having a good time and I was just thankful for Gods love once again that he would give us monkeys on this earth to find joy with. 

Also I got a letter from Sho this week haha   He became the Gospel Principles teacher for his calling in Saijo and I asked him how it was going and he emailed back that he taught for the first time last Sunday and he's pretty sure it went pretty awful but he will improve next week.   He seems to be doing good though which is good. 

Can't think of much else.  I'm just genki (happy) all the time and loving the work. I'm pretty exhausted usually but the work is just fun and I love dendo so it doesn't really bother me.   I can sleep when I reach the Celestial Kingdom.  Probably I can take a few naps with Kara.   Is she still the queen of naps?   Maybe it is hard now with a baby kicking her.   Oh speaking of kicking while sleeping, We also had an earthquake while junkai in Miyazaki. It was the first one on my mission so far.  It was wild. 

Well I hope all is well and all is safe.   Life is good.
Elder Bloomfield

Kagoshima Zone Conference

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