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2 March 2014 - Well Howdy

Well howdy,

This week was fantastic!   What happened?   I don't really remember.   We had a few lessons with Kusatsu this week.   We only found her housing a couple of weeks ago and she has already almost finished 2 Nephi.   She is a boss and progressing way fast.   When we met this week both times we asked her what questions she has right now, and both times the thing she had a question about or what she was interested in, was the exact lesson we had planned for her that day.   What wonders God does for you when you plan with the spirit aye?   She is way cool though and wants to come to church but it is sometimes hard because both her knees are really messed up and she can't really walk and because the climb up to the church is steeper than Mt Fuji it makes things a bit difficult.   I have faith things will work out this week though.   

We junkaied (splits) with Taniyama Elders this week.   That was a great time.   

I had an old man punch me a few times while he laughed about how we are turning to ash when we die because there is not any after life.   He was a pretty genki man and had a pretty solid handshake to a right hook to the shoulder routine that he pulled a good few times. So that was interesting. 

Yesterday we had a skype meeting with all of the missionaries and the District Presidency in the Kagoshima District.   It is cool the involvement we have with the leaders here.   Compared to other places in the states maybe we don't have as much success in Japan but I am so thankful for the members here.   Their appreciation for missionaries is so humbling and they are always kind in their giving, or getting so excited to talk to us at church, or hear us speak in Sacrament Meeting, and always willing to help with missionary work.   The people here are so loving and kind.   I truly love them and the work is truly taking off right now.   The work is starting to explode and it is exciting to see.   

In the 6 week program of goals and challenges for the zone, we had so many miracles this week and every companionship was able to accomplish all of the goals which was amazing.   I pray that things will continue to go well throughout every week in the 6 week program. 

Well that's about all I can remember I suppose.   It rained a bit, the sun shined a bit, my back got covered with ash a bit, every day goes by and I wonder how it ends so fast.   I don't understand how it is already March.   I was talking to Elder Hanohano and it seems like the MTC was just yesterday.   Our life is so short compared to the eternities,   We must make the most of everyday and most importantly never forget to smile! 

I hope all is well on the big island!   I got a letter from the Pleasanton Stake this week.   That is way cool all of the baptisms and growth you guys are having!   It was cool to hear them talk about the growth Pleasanton 2nd Ward (that is the ward we live in) has made in the past 15 months. not in a bragging way or anything but I know you all were a help to that for sure.   God has a plan for everything and it is pretty dang obvious why we were meant to go to California, and also Mom, you should probably give Dad some slack on his house selection because if he had never chosen that house you would have never met Bill (The 90 year old man that lives up the street that we fellow shipped and Steve baptized in August and ordained an Elder Sunday.  Also, we took Bill to the Temple on Wednesday to do baptisms and Olivia was baptized and confirmed by proxy for his wife, mother, grandmother and 4 aunts and Mason was baptized for his father, grandfather and 5 uncles and Bill was confirmed for the men) and maybe be in a different ward and never met Demetri (He is the Young Man that went on High Adventure with Steve last year that ended up getting baptized) either!    No worries Dad, you can thank me later ;)   Not having any water for the first week we moved in was just a fun time (our water comes from a well and the pump motor had broken and we did not know it and we ran the storage tank dry and had no water), not to mention other problems the house may have had like the mud bath I took during the winter time (He took the first bath with the jets on and mud came shooting out all over him because the lines had never been cleaned out before we moved in).   But hey, if you're not having trials then you're no longer living so be thankful you are here on earth alive!   In the letter they sent I also really like how the Leaders are helping members to see their responsibility in missionary efforts as well and inspiring them to do more. 

Have a great week!!

Elder Bloomfield

View from church in Kagoshima

Hill that they have to ride their bikes up to get to the church in Kagoshima

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