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9 March 2014 - The Atonement Turns Weak Things Into Strengths

What's up fam?

Well not much time today,  gomen (sorry)   It is a bit busy.   We woke up at 4:30am to be able to bike to seminary with our good youth buds and then we are catching a train to Miyakonojo in about an hour so the time is sukunai (short). However I prepared points from this week to tell you.

First great moment from this week was an 80 year old grandma smoking a cigarette approaching us to tell us she will come to church on Sunday and proceeded to say many crazy things I couldn't quite catch.   So as we tried to escape and shake her hand goodbye, she grabbed my hand and gave it a nice big kiss.   It was a great experience no doubt.  The only bummer part was we were in a hurry and I felt like I needed to wash my hand all day.

Shortly after that experience we ran into a pleasant grandpa who overtime was able to open his heart to us and tell us his life's secrets.   He told us he has killed 6 people by using brain power and after an incident where a horse bit him in the chest he has been able to talk to animals ever since.   So we gave him our free English class flyer and I hope he can make the trek out sometime.

In Japan the church kind of has a problem where there are many older people, and then some young youth, but there seems to be a gap in the middle and it is quite the problem.   Upon asking someone about it one day I was informed that Japan is in the 5th chapter of a demographic transition.   No country has ever been in the 5th chapter before, but in the 5th chapter the nations population has turned itself so much that it will eventually go extinct and it is difficult to fix the problem.   Because no other country has ever been in the 5th chapter.   However, they can not prove that Japan really is in the 5th chapter or not, but for me this hit me really deep.   I am currently preaching the gospel not only to my family in Japan, but also a people that could go extinct at any moment.   It helps me to realise even more how important every day of work is and to never waste it, because I may never know when all of a sudden the nation of Japan may end.   It could be today, tomorrow, in a month, years,  I know not, but I do know I will preach the gospel to them as long as they are still alive.

Another interesting thing from this week,   We were teaching a college student who is a Physics Major and he asked us what we believe Gods shape or image to be.   So we explained to him that God has a perfected body of flesh and bone and as we attempted to proceed on how we as well will eventually receive this he cut us off and said,  "oh that is enough.  I just wanted to know if you believe God has a body."   Because apparently according to physics laws, if God didn't have a body, it is impossible for him to exert or have any sort of power to use.   Without that body it is impossible.   So that was pretty cool.   Yet another example of how science proves there is a God and how he created science.

Kusatsu san is still progressing way good.   She is reading through Jacob right now.  This week she told us she feels she has so many weaknesses and she has the desire to know if the Book of Mormon is true because she knows God can help in her weaknesses.   She is way funny.   She reminds me of the Japanese Jinx for those of you familiar of the District.   She is pretty much exactly Jinx but Japanese.   She lives alone though and really needs this gospel.   We pray that she will be able to come to church this week.

Last but not least, I had a crepe (crepes are his favorite food.  They were the last thing he wanted to eat before going into the MTC so I am pretty sure that was a highlight for him to find crepes in Japan).
Looking pretty happy with his crepe.

I hope everyone is doing well and healthy.   I am seeing more and more everyday examples of how this is the Lords work and how we need him.   Lately I have been super busy doing stuff for the Zone, random calls, junkais, questions, things they need help with etc, I actually haven't even had a full study in a few weeks haha and I fall asleep exhausted everyday, but come morning time God has me ready for a fresh day.  The enabling power of the atonement turns weak things into strengths when we trust in our Heavenly Father.   I am loving the work everyday and loving working with my Japanese family here.   Hope all is well and everyone is remembering their Heavenly Father so their weaknesses can become strengths as well. God loves you all.

Elder Bloomfield

Early morning bike ride to Seminary in Kagoshima

Genius asleep

Sunrise in Kagoshima

Another photo of the volcano near Kagoshima

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