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8 December 2013 - Pretty Neat Week

Well sorry to interrupt your sleep.   You should probably start getting up now and preparing for your day (He is 16 hours ahead of Calif. time)

This week was pretty neat!   So first off the Morita family is a miracle of miracles.   We were able to teach both the husband and the wife this last Wednesday.   We were at first a little nervous because the grandma answered the door and they are usually not to much to the liking of us white guys speaking about anything except bhuddism, but the wife told her to let us in.   We reviewed L1 and taught about why the Atonement was so important and both accepted baptismal dates for January 19th. haha   Morita san is a pretty funny guy.   He is always trying to make jokes and when we gave him a baptismal invite he gave us a solid `YES` in some pretty solid English pronounciation.   The baby`s head was just as big as last time so yes Stevo I will most definitley have to keep that whip lash thing in mind. 

We met with Sho san 3 times this week and he is now commited and following all of the commandents except tithing (ones for after baptism), for the time being yet is still unsure of being baptized right now in his life.   He told us he "is sure he wants to be baptized someday" but right now in his life the commandments might be tough.  So that is where we are at with him and trying to work over that lil ordeal and how you can't pick and choose which commandments you want to follow, similar to Kara`s mission story I believe.

The building for church is just a room on the 3rd floor of some building.   I'm not even sure what the building is.   We are in the room right next to some nursing place that apparently you go to when you have bladder problems.   So thats pretty neat.  It didn't have any furnishings except the floor so we are bringing in our own chairs and such. 

I have been doing 50 push ups every day.  It was our commitment to help Sho follow a commitment that was hard for him.  We commited that if we do 50 push ups, and 50 sit ups every single day, something that is hard for us, and something we don't have to do, he could commit to this that are hard for him.   It seemed to work out.

Other than that, this week was just some fun filled dendo.   On Friday we biked probably about 20 km (the entire day was about 70 km, my thighs were pretty rockin, and by rockin I mean sore) to the old crazy man who tried to give us cigarettes and acupuncture who wanted to meet with us again.   All was going well, I even played the piano for him a little bit, until we told him we couldn't accept the tea he was giving us, after we had just not accepted the coffee he tried to give us.   He then proceeded to go on a half hour rant about how Japan will never accept mormonism because in bhuddism you accept whatever people give to you no matter what, to be respectful to them, and is this that Christ teaches is to not accept things and before the war and after the war and all those sorts of things.  So that was quite the lesson and the best part is he`s locked and loaded and ready to meet again this week :) 

We went to Miyajima today for p day, so that is always a good time.  Not sure what else to report on this week, other than our Sri Lankin investigator would only pray for us in Hindu so that was also interesting. 

Miracles happen everyday.  Saijo is quite the special place.   Heavenly Father truly has special plans for this land and every new missionary that has come to Saijo while I've been here have made that comment about the special feeling Saijo has.   This church is true!   God speed,  praytell!
Sakuda Choro  (Elder "Bloom"field)

The deer at Miyagima park


Ringing the Bell to call the Gods

Miyagima Gate

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