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24 December 2013 - Christmas Eve Skype and Email

This first part was written by Kris Bloomfield, Travis's Mom.

With Japan being 15 hours ahead (the Bloomfield family was in Utah for Christmas) we had our Christmas Skype Phone call on Christmas Eve (It was 10:00pm in Utah and 2:00pm Christmas Day in Japan).  We had an awesome call with Travis.  It was so much fun getting to talk to him for 45 mins. and to actually get to see his face.  He is doing so good and loves his mission and everything about it!!!  He had some funny stories to tell as well, of coarse!!!  The only problem was it did not last long enough!!!!  I can hardly wait for Mother's Day when we get to talk again!!

Okay now here is what we got for a letter from him:

Here is my letter to Kaicho (mission Pres.) this week. 
It is truly special to have this opportunity to spend this special day as a missionary. This last week was full of full full miracles in Saijo!  First off, Sho is getting baptized!  We had been praying that he could have his own spiritual experience to base his own testimony off of and the day after we told him to sincerely pray to our Heavenly Father about whether not it is the right time to be baptized, he said first, "when he woke up to pray, he just felt like praying was natural thing now, it was no longer an assignment or something he needed to do but just a natural feeling, and then later in the day he said he was walking, not thinking about anything, and the Holy Ghost prompted him and told him it wouldn't be so bad idea to be baptized soon". We are very excited for him and this step he is to make this week.  We watched the Joy to the World dvd with him last night and talked about the interview questions and he is so ready and excited for himself. 

We also had a total of 24 people come to church on Sunday! 4 of our investigators, Sho, the Morita family, and Gong Min (who has never been able to go to church because of work, but he received a call Sunday morning from his boss saying they didn't need him that day and so he felt that was God helping him to come to church) were able to come to the first church gathering in Saijo.  

On visiting the Morita family for the final day of our 12 day program the Morita family said they enjoyed church on Sunday and want to come this week as well but are not sure yet what their work schedule may be.   

We also met with our investigator Yukihiro a few times last week and he is progressing well towards his baptismal date, he has a problem however of making appointments or saying he will come to things (for example church) and then not showing up. 

Other than that, this week was spent with finding, other lessons, and sharing the Christmas Spirit with other members and investigators.  Saijo is truly a special special place.  There are so many miracles every single day. I do believe there are miracles that happen in every one's life everyday, you just need to notice them, but in Saijo the Lords hand is so evident it is impossible to not notice them.   I love the work and I know there can be a branch in Saijo within just months.  I will continue to work hard and do what I can for Heavenly Father in building his kingdom in Saijo, thank you for all that you do and a very Merry Christmas to Kaicho and Shimai (Pres. and Sister)

Much Love,

Elder Bloomfield

Skype picture from Christmas Eve.
Christmas morning opening his packages and things we sent him.

Thought for the week:

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