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15 December 2013 - Happy Birthday My Beloved Father!

Mina san ohaiyogozaimasuuuu (Everyone Good morning)

Stevoooo!! you have finally become a man!   Happy Birthday my beloved father.  I won't say how old you are for I assume you are given much grief but.... how does gojusai (50)  feel??   You're the man!!

This was pretty neat!   Guess who is back in business?   Yes you guessed correctly,  Johnny Depp is back and sincere as ever.  He called us this week (just as we were about to call him in fact.. coincidence? I think not) and told us he wanted to meet again.   When we met we asked him why and he told us of the love he could feel when he was with us from the Holy Ghost and his desire to be baptized.   So we set a baptismal date for Jan. 5th.  His only hurdle will be the word of wisdom.   He has got a bit of a smoking problem so pray for him that he can norikoeru nice and good.  I've missed the man.   The usual  "ohhhh Rrroomfiell, you soo crazayyy... ohh kakoii... ohhh so funnayy... ohhh brroomfieelll ma friend yo friend... ohhh kakoiii... ohhh IZZ JOHNYY!"  was a nice thing to have back in the every days of missionary work. 

We met with Sho 3 times this week.   We've just been reading from the Book of Mormon with him to keep our lessons shorter because they have been going too long because of his long list of questions and concerns he always has.   The results have been quite effective as well.   Sho told us he believes in God, believes the Book of Mormon is the word of God and therefore the commandments are from God, he is sure he wants to get baptized, but yet still not until he is about 40 after he gets married.   It is slightly frustrating and we are praying for the miracle lesson where he is able to understand he has made this progress because of his commitments to try the commandments and that he will be happier having these protections rather than restrictions.   He is a mystery man ready and waiting for baptism.
So our mission has a 12 days of Christmas program as well where we are to have contact with an investigator everyday for 12 days (share a thought, scripture, song, food, etc..) then on the 12th day we will give them the Christmas dvd thing the church has.   So naturally of course, we decided to implement the Bloomfield style (ditching it on the door step and ringing the bell and running away trying to to be caught) for the first couple of days with the Morita family.   I called him last night and the first thing he says is, "oh thank you for the banana cake you made!" ... I guess we were not sneaky enough?   Anyway, we are doing the 12 day program with both the Morita family and with Sho.  It will be fun. (not the Bloomfield style but the mission challenge)

Last night we also had a Christmas fireside at our new Saijo kyokai! (church).  Aside from our 1 member and 8 missionaries, there were 14 other people there and it was tons of fun.  It is going to be pretty incredible when we have our first sacrament meeting this Sunday and there will be probably double the investigators than members. I'm pretty excited,  except I was told I am to give a talk about How to Become a Real Disciple of Christ, so I'm excited for that. 

Well this week was full of fun and Christmas Spirit in the land of missionary work.   We also did a Christmas program for an elementary school in Hiroshima as well which was good. 

During the Christmas Season please do your best to do a good deed for someone every single day.   The most fun is when they don't know it is you, however if they do catch you, humbly admit you were not sneaky enough and yes it was you doing this loving Christlike action.   Heavenly Father loves you all and I love you a little bit less. (it would be sacrilegious to say I love you more)

2 Tim. 4:7  I have fought a good fight, I have finished my coarse, I have kept the faith.

Much Love To All,

Elder Bloomfield

Oh, also... it snowed like 3 times this week, except it wasn't snow.  It was so freezing that all the humidity started to freeze around us so snow like things were falling on us while the sun was sort of shining with killer winds.   It was great I tell you ;)

 And, btw yes I indeed play the piano every Sunday for Priesthood.  It's quite the joy... 

Here is some good old translation entertainment.   Apparently we have been doing our trash wrong?   Dad if you could tell me what I am doing wrong that would be much obliged because I have no clue what garbage soup is or the rest of the instructions.
Translation from Steve:
OK. So, the English translation doesn’t really follow what is being said in Japanese. Obviously, someone is a bit frustrated with the whole garbage situation, “not me picking up trash”. Too funny.

Basically, the rules are:

1)      Recycle-able plastics, cans, bottles, etc need to go in the Green bag.
2)      Burn-able (moeru gomi) goes in the Yellow bag.
3)      Don’t throw the cardboard (danboru) away on the days newspapers (burn-ables) are thrown out. I guess there is a cardboard box that holds old newspapers till the day they get picked up by the service?
4)      Follow the schedule. In other words, don’t put the yellow bag out on green bag days and vice versa.

Oh!  And clean up your trash area from time to time. Well, I guess every time … keep it clean.

Also no I still have not gotten any mail yet this month.  I think because we have moved apartments and such I'm not really sure but yes... so still no nothing yet.   But no worries, I'll let the honbu (mission office) know my mother is flustered with their actions :) 

Japanese Style "Christmas PJ's"

A Baking Class

Learning to Bake Cakes

Thought for the Week:

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