Monday, January 13, 2014

13 January 2014 - The Lord's Hand is in Saijo

Hmm,  what to tell about this week.   We had lots of fun miracles. It is just amazing how much the Lords hand is in Saijo.   I am emailing today because we had mensetsus (interviews gomen) with Kaicho yesterday.  Apparently the work of Saijo has gone mission wide news and it was real awkward and kind of made us Saijo missionaries a little bit angry how much they talk about how good us missionaries are.   We had a zone meeting and the Zone Leaders and everyone kept talking about how amazing Saijo is doing and such and it was stupid because it just made everyone think  "well I just need to be more like Saijo".  If I were working harder we could be like Saijo, but we are honestly not really doing anything here it is just all God building his kingdom.   We are just lucky enough to be working in Saijo at this time when he is has decided to make this area holy to him.  So yeah that was a little bit annoying. 

But miracles that happened this week:   Well I will start with the first and most amazing one, the Tonga family is getting baptized!   How cool is that?   They will be baptized on the 1st of February.   The shimai's (sister missionaries) helped out a ton with the family because the mom said how she was always so embarrassed to talk to elders about baptism because she had never been baptized but with other sisters she just felt more comfortable.   I am so happy for the family and get this, for the last 2 weeks Manako and Lily (the mom and dad) have just been watching conference talks together. How cool is that?   This Saijo building has most definitely brought miracles of opportunities for this family. 

Another miracle that was pretty ridiculous, last week is we found 7 new investigators in just 3 hours.   Elder Walton and I were freaking out, we didn't understand what was going on.   We literally couldn't go 100 yards without seeing a miracles.   One of them was a former investigator family that we taught a couple of days later. They are way nice and love the missionaries, but it seems because of the dad they have never really been allowed to pursue more.   It's rough because he doesn't usually come home till about 9 every night because of work so we can never meet with him.   Another one of the new investigators is a Brazilian woman who was actually given a Book of Mormon about 2 years ago and when we told her we have church in Saijo she freaked out and was real excited to come. 

To the end of this week of miracles there is always a truly humbling experience.   Gods way of keeping me from becoming prideful.   This week I was asked in the middle of Sacrament Meeting to translate Brother Tanakas talk which consisted of the tsunami natural disaster and radiation and many other things that I didn't know how to translate in front of the entire Sacrament Meeting.   So that was a great experience :)

The Morita family is progressing but is still struggling a bit.   We taught them of the importance of the big 3- church, Book of Mormon, and prayer.  We will most definitely be having a lesson on prayer and prayer through the Book of Mormon next lesson, because they will never be able to progress unless they are feeling Gods love and their own spiritual experiences everyday. 

We are meeting with Gary on Thursday finally. He has been so busy with work and such and can never meet. The emails he sends us are always so sad.   They are filled with things he says he must do like projects and work and because of it he can't meet us, but Thursday is the day!  He is having his own spiritual experiences, He will email them to us sometimes, but it is hard to understand because of his English.  We will address how those spiritual experiences is God telling him he wants to help but he must show more faith.
Sho is doing great as ever. Loving church, loving life, and best of all loving using the phrase "nailed it!"   He is having a drum show thing (the Japanese drums) that we will go to on Saturday.   He said he can never remember the rhythm so he just plays his own stuff usually and does his best to keep up with everyone else. So it should be pretty interesting.

Well I hope everyone is well.   If life has been tough lately, try praying more sincerely, because if you are praying sincerely and with real intent, life is always good.   akashia shitta. 

Elder Bloomfield

"Cool family from Mongolia that we had a lesson with yesterday and Haishan (the husband) poured out all of the coffee into the trash. haha   It was way funny.   The wife freaked out at the money being lost and Haishan just laughed.   It was great.   Then they gave us all their tea to get rid of for them ;)"

"Yes,  t-daddy smoked all dem bowlers ;)"

Chef at his best!

Thought for the week:

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