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29 October 2013 - Two Typhoons Hit At the Same Time

Olivia Happy Birthday!!!   The present that you got that was in the small bag was from both me and mom :)   No problem!    That's what I'm here for!  Ha Ha   Try the veal!   I'll be here till Thursday!  (The last part is a family joke from the movie Shrek)
Well well, what happened this week?
Yes mother, indeed it was quite the downpour this week.   We actually had two typhoons hit Hiroshima at the same time so it was kinda like a ultra typhoon.   We were told to be safe on Wednesday and most people didn't even leave the apartment but shoot,  I had 3 appointments scheduled so I went out and did the Lords work.  It was pretty dang fun except for my companion was biking at 2 miles per hour because he thought it was the most safe thing to do.  I suppose he had a point but rain is rain, he just hasn't seen it like we did in Korea.  

One of our lessons that day was with Sho san and it was pretty sweet.   Azumi has found a love for jointing with the lessons with us.   She sent me an email after our lesson a couple weeks ago that thanked us for inviting her to the lesson and said how happy she felt now because of the lesson and she didn't even know why.   I testify to you all that if you want to have more happiness in your life, go share your testimony with just one person.   I can gurantee to you that with each person you share your testimony with your happiness will increase with each person. Azumi has found this and even though she still does not fully understand the spirit and the Holy Ghost she knows that just through sharing your thoughts (your testimony) you feel more Happiness that you don't even understand!    Ha ha with Sho san he was struggling to understand how the Holy Ghost works in our life and then
suddenly it clicked and he was like ohhhh so the Holy Ghost is like a girlfriend before you are baptized, you see her occasionally when you want to and when you make the effort, and then after you are baptized the Holy Ghost is like your wife, she is with you almost all of the time as long as you are doing the good things?   Ha ha it was pretty funny.   We were just like um yeah - actually, you nailed that one my friend.   It's amazing the questions and worries some people have sometimes though about things they just don't know before they ask.   One of his worries is that apparently he had the idea when you are baptized you get baptized naked... so that was kinda odd.   Good thing we cleared that up.   That lesson was way solid though and the spirit was way strong and then the next day his lesson was interesting yet again.  His lessons are always up and down.   His next lesson the first thing he asks me was... Sooo how good are you at reading dreams?    I had a dream my aunt and uncle had a baby that was a bug and had 4 legs so I shot it and killed it, and then they were so mad at me and I had to leave my mom and the country and woke up in the middle of the night and cried out.   I never cry out in the middle of the night!   So,  this must mean something.   What does it mean? So that was a fun explanation.   Had to help him out with the whole dream revelation thing.   

We met with Gary again as well.   It was way cool, he was just like I know God is helping me, and I know your prayers are helping me everyday,  I believe that soon my wife will want to come to church.  I believe.  Coming from someone who didn't even have a faith that God existed 3 months ago... that was pretty cool.  I love the man so much.   

Umm other than that our week was just filled with some rain and contacting in the rain and the cold, which is not as effective as the not rain and not cold, as we have come to find out.  

Oh yesterday we got our feet cleaned by a bunch of little fish that bit all the dead skin and dirtiness off your feet. It was pretty cool and pretty difficult for my ticklish feet but no worries,  I ganbarued (was tough and stayed with it).

Getting feet cleaned and massaged by "Doctor Fish"

Well for my spiritual thought for my folks this week - fun fact: How can you build your testimony about a principle in the gospel??   Bear testimony about it!   Heavenly Father has promised us countless times in the D&C that if we will open our mouths this knowledge can be given to us.   D&C 21:9 -  He will bless all those who labor in his vineyard with a mighty blessing, a blessing that they can believe on his words.  Well missionary work is hard, you may say?    Don't know everything about the gospel?   Well you don't need to.   Heavenly Father also promises countless times in the D&C that he does not require us to learn the power of convincing of men before we do missionary work, but rather we are GIVEN this gift when we do his work.   We have over 80,000 missionaries in the world right now, are we all scholars?   Most definitely not.  We don't know everything about the gospel, but when we do his work he gives us the power to know enough.  I love you all and promise you more happiness and peace when you will help labor in his vineyard and fulfill your covenant you made when you were baptized! and that is to be a witness of Christ. 

Love you all and hope you are all doing well!    Ganbate kudasai!

Elder Bloomy

Sakuda Choro #2 

Hiroshima from far off

Balancing on the guard rail

The Elders on their way to dinner at some members home

Nearly fell to his death after loosing balance

The missionaries from Saijo at the Tanaka Family's Home for dinner
Guess Who?
Another trip to Miyagima to se the deer

Looking over board

Saijo Missionaries and Azumi at Miyagima

Travis, Azumi and Elder ?

Hanging low with the deer

Shop entrance at Miyagima

"The Dragons"

Ferry that takes you to Miyagima

Getting off the Ferry

Tree Climber

Cute little Japanese girl in her Kimono

Jumping for Joy

Miyagima through the hole in Statue

Waiting for the Gods to translate him at an old Japanese Temple/Shrine

Thought for the Week:

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