Tuesday, November 12, 2013

22 October 2013 - Packed Week

How goes it?    This week was packed with weird meetings and things and made me end up feeling like I barely even had time to dendo.   On Monday we had a Ward party in Saijo which the Tonga family came to which was way cool.   I played with the little kids for most of the time and boy are they crazy.   The one who is like 8 years old has hair down to his booty and is quite the beaut of a mane.   The down side to the fun play date was because I am such a kind hearted soul,  I ended up giving two of my sports watches away to the 9 year old and 12 year old so for the rest of the week I kept losing what time it was.   But in the processes the 12 year old committed to pray by himself so it was a pretty good deal if I say so myself.  

I also met with Jay (the other tongan who plays rugby) last week and we set up a thing where we are going to start having a neat lil scripture party once a week for about an hour.   Food, scriptures, and Gods love what more do you need.   We are meeting with him tomorrow again so I'm pretty excited about that.   

There are a couple investigators I suppose I will talk about this week:

So Takamatsu san, as I said last week began a sudden change in his desires for the better.   He has started keeping commitments, expresses his desire to be baptized and now a surety of Gods existence, we however hit another road block, because he has no job, and told us he never wants one again.   He has no money to make the 45 min. train ride trek to church every Sunday so we are not quite sure what to do.   We hope as he continues to progress perhaps he will understand the need for a job. 
Also Dad guess what???    Gary is back!    The man just always makes me oh so happy.   We met with him this week a couple times and guess what???  We taught him a lesson on faith using good ol John Bloomfield's stories.   I bet John Bloomfield never thought as he made those decisions 150 years ago that he would even be able to affect a Chinese man 150 years later.   Heavenly Father works in many many ways and we never know how many people 1 single decision can affect.    Gary told us though that he does want to be baptized but because of his wife he can't.    It was quite sad.    He committed to talk to her about the good feelings and the truthfulness  the gospel brings to him and if that doesn't work just try writing a letter or something.   He has built his faith so much in the past couple months even though he doesn't realize it.    What a neat guy!!
We also met with Reuben and had to explain to him how his first baptism was missing the all important priesthood and he committed to begin meeting with us once a week so he can learn if the Book of Mormon is true.  So that was fun.
Things in the apartment are fun these days.   I feel like I am the mom most of the time.  I am doing all the cooking and most of the cleaning,   My journal writing and gengo benkyo have been suffering from it lately but what can ya do.   These things must be done. haha   Yeah cheese is hard to come by.   Guess what I have been cooking in plentiful these days???  Yep you guessed it.   We have kimpchi about once a week.   I have yet to eat it plain like mom did though.    I add it with chicken and rice and its not too bad.   Most definitely I would not be able to make that same meal again haha   It was a wild spicen time.

Dang Olivia was aggressive in soccer ehh?   Is she still just as stubborn in the household of the Bloomfields?    You sound pretty durn busy.   What else is new ehh?   Not much here. 

Pretty crazy cousin Matt who is serving his mission in Austin is hanging out with our old friends though.   Maybe he can remind some of them to remind some old friends in Austin that they have all forgotten to write me still. just a thought ehh? ;)

Well I hope all is well and all is safe.   I have a challenge for you all.   Pray tonight about one way God has helped you even today, in a way that you didn't expect before.   Gods hand is in our everyday life.  You must first just realize these blessings and be grateful and you will be surprised at how many things he has done for you in this one day alone. 

Take care!

Sakura Kyodai

Fall in Saijo

                                                                        Thought for the week:

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