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14 October 2013 - "Didn't Know You Could Cook So Good"

Greetings from planet weezy,

Well week one with the new bean was a fun time. haha   He reminds me of a Zack Effran or however the heck you spell that mans name.   He's got the looks of that man, his voice however is not the same.  I am excited to work with him this transfer though. Not only my speaking skills have increased, the cooking has as well!   It's quite the fun time.    The other two elders in our apartment, one is on his last transfer (so he never wants to cook) and then one is a bean as well.   So the cooking is up to t-daddy!    Let me tell you about last nights dinner so you can have a small taste of what this transfers meals may be like... We wanted to cook some soba but we found out the noodles are bad after we have already  cooked the carrots and onions, no fear I am here!    So I throw in some meat and for about 15 minutes (we have a large supply of random weird Japanese oils and spices that I can't read),  I turn, grab whichever spice looks most promising, and throw that bad boy in the pan!   I built the philosophy of the better the smell the better the taste so I continued adding random spices I would find until the smell was sufficient to my chef nostrils. and what is the result?   "Dang Elder Bloomfield, I didn't know you could cook so good. This meat tastes pretty good!` "Ohhh yeahhh it sure does!   Kind of reminded me of dads ol chicken that tasted so good."   It was a similar sort of satisfaction.   Especially because previous to the first bite it was all a surprise to me as well!

Now to the spiritual side of the week, I have decided to just bless you with my letter I sent to Kaicho (Mission President) since I am as always short on time and it would be faster to copy and paste.    The 1 computer in Saijo for us 8 missionaries proves to make an effective p-day quite difficult.   P-days are not really p-days (preparation days) and usually are just stressful and I'd rather just dendo for 2 years and leave it at that.  Apparently that's not how the white handbook has it.

Well this week was filled with companions packing to leave Saijo and then new companions moving in and getting a feel of Saijo so not as much dendo was completed as could have I am sad to say.   I am very excited to work with the twin towers and Elder Walton though.   I can already tell Elder Henderson will be a good missionary.   He knows why he is here and our weekend filled with General Conference and lack of dendo frustrated him.   Loving the dendo fire!    Elder Walton is very excited to work in Saijo as well.   Everyone in the apartment has the passion and excitement to build a branch in Saijo ASAP and are willing to put in the work required it seems.   It brings me much much joy.   Last week while I was in Fukuoka Elder Dolbin and Elder Takahashi visited our investigator,  Takamatsu san and after he wouldn't commit to follow the word of wisdom because he had no faith in himself, Elder Dolbin and Elder Takahashi told me they dropped him then and there.   I was slightly frustrated, not really knowing the situation because I wasn't there, and we already had a plan to read with him everyday for 2 weeks to help him to feel the spirit and want to follow it then become much more bold and let him really understand the necessities to change his life around, but I accepted their judgement and he was a dropped investigator until Thursday.   He then called me and asked if we could come over, and since then it has been different!   He has more of a desire to know for himself whether these things are true, and is beginning to feel the spirit more and more.   Moral of the story, everything happens for a reason, just trust the judgement of others!    Perhaps it was the bold lesson from Elder Takahashi and Elder Dolbin then no lessons for a few days that helped him to realize he feels the spirit with us every time we are with him.   We also were able to get the Tongans to our ward activity yesterday!    I found out from talking to their son that they have begun to have family prayer every night after Elder Takahashi and I shared a scripture and lesson about prayer to Tonga Kyodai.   So that was a beautiful surprise and the son promised me he would start praying on his own.   The family is way fun and I hope we can someway help Brother Tonga to understand the increased happiness his family will have from this gospel.   

Thank you for all that you do kaicho.   I am excited to work and grow with Elder Walton.   I have yet to pass off any of the medium lessons (because of the isogashii, however I will improve this week) of the lesson mastery, yet we are teaching 30 to 45 minute lessons with Takamatsu everyday.   Needless to say,  the gift of tongues is a beautiful gift that I am indeed thankful for!   We will continue to give all we have to Saijo.

Oh and yes I did have the opportunity to watch General Conference this past weekend.   It was way good.   I loved it!    I have learned I don't need to attend a finance class when I get home, as long as I follow the wise words of Elder Bednar and pay my tithing,  all will be well.   There were many many good talks so I will get into those another time.   

Mom, that is way cool that you and Olivia are jointing and doing so much missionary work!   How old is Olivia's friend?

Elder Dolbin went ZL (Zone Leader) in Kumamoto.   He actually traded with Elder Trane, the one who will die here at the end of the transfer.   He was way sad to go and told me he misses me but I will see him soon someday :)

No,  I didn't find the camera but I had a less active track it down for me.   BOOYAHHH!   That's how missionary work is down baby.   Loose your things, involve the less actives, help them to feel needed and loved, then tell them you are too busy and can only meet them at church.   That's what I'm talking aboouuut!

Backpacks are actually not allowed in mission rules apparently, so I only use it when I am traveling.

Also I got to play soccer with a bunch of Japanese old men and kids from our Stake yesterday.    That got me all riled up and ready to go.   I loved it so dearly and miss the beautiful game.

Hope all is well and everyone is safe!

Love you all!

Elder Bloomberg

Sister Missionaries and Elder Hendersen assigned to  Saijo

New Missionaries assigned to Saijo

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