Tuesday, November 12, 2013

7 October 2013 - Going Trainer

Well hello there family.  No, I have not yet seen any of General Conference.  We will watch it next weekend as a stake in Takasu.  Also I hath realized that because I only have around half an hour every week I never have time to respond to any ones emails, so I shall briefly respond now.

Anesan/husband (Kyoshi) - Well it sure is good to hear that Kara allowed you to play some fifa on your birthday. I also housed into a guy that reminded me of you a few days ago. Other than his wretched b.o. and strong smelling of smoke he was about your same height with same body build.  He gave me the giggles.  Kara hopefully you are being kind to your middle school children

Onisan/Okusan (Kyle) - Danggg new salesman in the house?? Sounds like some Clark Kent status stuff to me. Pretty legit!   I don't quite remember what else I needed to respond to but keep up that biz bizz eh?

Ototo (Mason) - That sure is a beautiful mane (Mason is growing a mullet).  You probably shouldn't cut it until the 4th new moon comes.  Also sounds like your soccer career is coming quite well in that their `best attacker` status you've given yourself.   Perhaps some Preach My Gospel pg. 120 would help though ;) 

Imototachi (Olivia) - Jeezums Livi you can wake board?  I used to think you were just a wine bucket but you're like the real deal or something.  Thanks for the email of support a few weeks ago.  Real cute stuff.   Cassi I never hear from you so you're probably riding on Hershey or building a boat or something but keep doing whatever you do! 

Otosan/Okasan (Dad/Mom) - I email you every week so that's fun :)

Wellll I hath received some interesting transfer news. Indeed I am staying in Saijo (thank goodness <3) but aparentlyyyyy I am going TRAINER??  Still not quite sure how to understand my investigators fully but apparently I will be training next transfer!   I am indeed excited for this new challenge quite excited indeed actually, however those I talk to on the streets everyday and my investigators will most likely need all of your prayers because they will now be relying on my Japanese... which I'm pretty sure I still do not know.  haha   We were told in the honbu that by the end of our 12 weeks training we should be able to train, but I never really thought Kaicho (Mission President) was serious.   I took a shinkansen to Fukuoka yesterday and we got a real cool trainer training and it was real inspirational so I'm pumped for it all.   I still don't know who I will be training cause we haven't yet got our official call, just a call last Friday telling me I need to come to Fukuoka Monday for trainer training. 

Now onto the week.  We have an investigator who has a mad addiction to gaming.  So bad that his apartment was literally just a mountain of trash. this man needs the gospel more than anyone, so in order for him to be able to feel the spirit, we cleaned this mans apartment!   Dang good thing I was taught how to clean when I was younger.   It was disgusting.   Underneath all of the trash was a centimeter layer of dirt hair and bugs...  Literally the nastiest thing I've done before.  You would pick up a newspaper and spiders and cockroaches would fall off from underneath it.   Mom you probably would have broke down in tears.  Grandpa probably would have broken his arm.   Kyle probably would have eaten the bugs since he lived in Nicaragua.   We are meeting with him everyday to help him feel the spirit everyday.   He doesn't have much faith in himself in being able to change so we will see if he is able to put forth his own effort in the next few weeks.   Other than that this week was pretty normal.

The "Before"
The "After"

It dumped rain a couple days and the leather from my shoes turned my feets yellow.  haha    I looked like an umpa loompa.    Apparently a typhoon is supposed to hit tonight. 

Elder Takahashi goes home on Thursday.   There were moments in the transfer when he was just ridiculous, (sleeping through companion study just a small example) but I love the man and I'm sad to see him go.   When I could get him motivated he really was a subarashii senkyoshi. haha   He's just a goofy kid.   I'll miss him.   
Biking at its best!
Morning Run

Well that's all I can really think of for this week.   Not too much happened. haha   

Oh, I am currently teaching Sister Watanabe sign language.   She says to tell you mom that you are a bijin (beautiful) and dad is handsamm.   She enjoys our family picture. hahah   Nihonjins are so fun! 

Well hope all is well.   All I can think of for now!


Elder Bloomfield

                                                                       Thought for the week:

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