Thursday, September 12, 2013

2 September 2013 - Not Sure What Language I Have Been Learning

Well hola familia,

I start this in Spanish well cause idk what language I speak anymore.  I hath received a nihonjin companion that speaks absolutely 0 English and idk what other language he is speaking but it can't be Japanese cause I'm pretty sure I've been studying that for the last 3 months, but we'll get to that in a bit.

This week was a wild one indeed. First off we met with Johnny Depp after he wouldn't answer the phone for two weeks and we had two really solid lessons with him. We taught him the whole Plan of Salvation and the gospel of Jesus Christ and found out he is worried about his dad`s health and such like that but the only problem is we`re pretty sure he suffers from depression because he has told us how he's not genki (happy) before and such and he will only ever meet with us if he calls us and is genki (happy) and wants to meet. If we call him and he's not genki we will set up an appointment and everything but then he just won't come. So we're still not quite sure what to do there to help him because he won't do the things we say when he's not genki.

Also we had the most amazing week with Azumi this week. We had a dinner with members with her on Tuesday and it was truly beautiful. The 4 of them sat at one table and Elder Dolbin and I sat at the one next to them just watching the member missionary work in action. I almost started to tear up it was just such a touching sight and the best part is she was our first investigator to make the 45 min. train ride plus $12 to come to church Sunday! She is so amazing and has had a complete turn around and really wants a testimony now.  We taught a really good lesson on prayer and made her a new contract that she signed (haha) that said she promises to pray twice daily and read the Book of Mormon everyday and I really think that is the thing that will make it for her.

Well TRANSFERS were pretty dang DAISORETA (wild).  We got our calls and they told us we were staying just like we expected, and that we were getting Shimai's (sisters) and the senior couple like we already knew, then they were like and do you wanna know who your companions are?  Saijo has gone 4 man, received 2 shimai missionaries, and a senior couple as well, all in one transfer!!  My new companions name is Takahashi Choro and speaks 0 English.   It makes companion study quite the thrill and well pretty much the whole day is a thrill when you can't communicate. Haha   Our other new elder has some chub on him and Takahashi is always poking his stomach or rubbing it haha   It's kinda weird but he loves it.  Also with the new 4 man and our companionship splitting up Elder Dolbin said it just makes sense that since he`s been here with the investigators longer that it would be better for them if their companionship took them and said we are basically being white washed (starting from the beginning with no investigators). Which makes no sense to me because the majority of them I found with him last transfer. So I was quite bummed at first about that, but I know there are more in Saijo and I will find them.  But that just means instead of the 4 hours of contacting and a lesson like we had this transfer, this transfer I will be doing 8 hours of contacting everyday! Hooooheckyeahhh! Contacting is a hoot, so many silly nihonjins that just make me laugh. Plus I get to teach short lessons all the time which for me is just supaa benri. Plus I get to just be as bold as I want on the streets because I don't even know these people yet so I can just give em the gospel how they need it. Saijo is growing so much, there is so much work to do and I love it.

Other than that, this week was just housing and contacting in the rain, and spent moving things in to the new apartments, moving our apartment around, (the tiny 1 room that is split into 2 room apartment) to be able to fit 4 elders in it, when we sleep at night (only 3 of the futons fit in the room so Elder Takahashi sleeps half in the hall way, half in the room) haha. He is on his last transfer and I feel like he knows so much but I just can't understand what the heck he says.  When we role play, I tell him hey, speak slower this time so I can learn from you, and he's like yes okay okay, then just talks faster than anyone on the street. haha  Hopefully by the end of this transfer, if I can understand my companion, I will be able to understand the words that any nihonjin says, cause he is the wildest of them all.

That's all I can think of for now, this week was a wild one though. Hope all is well with you guys. Mason`s first day of school outfit was pretty neat.  He reminded me of a man I have seen many times on tv before... Ronald McDonald.   That red and yellow will sure catch all them Californian girls.
Much love,

Elder Bloomfield

Mason's First Day of School Outfit that Travis referred to.
Zone P-Day at a Japanese Baseball game and lunch 

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