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15 September 2013 - Howdy. Howdy Ya'll

Howdy Howdy Ya'lll!!!

Well here are the updates on the miracles I experienced this week!

Well on Sunday, not only did Johnny Depp finally come to church, but when we were on the train we randomly got a call from Jay (the less active rugby player) and he was like "hey whats the address?"  I'm comin to church today Elders!  We were freakin out cause we didn't even meet with him this week and he got home pretty late Friday night from his game in Nagasaki which means he must have had quite the desire to come.  Usually Johnny Depp will ditch us and not show up to meet us at the train station and go to church, but he didn't this time and came with us!   It was kinda funny though cause he said his stomach didn't feel the greatest and asked if our church had a bathroom and we were like yeah yeah of course, no problem. Then as we were walking to church we literally had like 20 steps left and we were there and he just stops and was like konbin.. toilet.. I need! and turns and sprinted pretty dang fast for the slightly larger man that he is. It gave me quite the laugh. But all was well and we made it to church.

Azumi is getting baptized on Sunday!!  We taught her tithing yesterday and she just has one more lesson and then she will be ready.  She is a little nervous because she understands that this is a life long commitment and she is nervous what her family will say when she tells them she can't drink with them or other family traditions they used to have. She is amazing though and will be an amazing member.  Please keep her in your prayers as she prepares for her baptism this Sunday.

Nice mustaches

Lunch with investigators

Another investigator we met with this week is named Thung, from Vietnam.  He is quite the cute guy.  He just had a son about 20 days ago and just got so happy when I asked him about it, and then when I was teaching the first lesson to him he was just like wow!  I never knew any of this before! oh wow!!!    At the end of the lesson when I was telling him when our church is he just smiled and was like oh yes and this is Gods church.  haha I was just like indeed it is my friend.   The problem is that the semester starts in a week and he is moving apartments and still doesn't have a phone and so we just have to wait for him to email us to meet with him again this week.

Another college kid that we are teaching named Sho San told us he doesn't want to live with his family forever when we taught him the plan of salvation. He said that this life is long enough and is hoping to meet maybe new friends in heaven so if the celestial kingdom means families forever he doesn't want to go.   I was just like what... man trust me, you want to go! He understand why we need the atonement, to be able to be resurrected and make any of this possible, but doesn't know if he wants to be with his family forever. but he has a lot more questions we are going to answer next time we meet that I think could change some things.   He has such a desire to know if God is real, but yeah then just some odd things about him.  I love him though.

We have quite the diversity here in Saijo.  I think its because the Hiroshima daigaku (college) gives good scholarships to foreigners, there are a ton of foreigners here. Only one of our investigators is Japanese that we have right now. and most Muslims won't meet with us they just tell us about their religion for half an hour and how ours is sort of the same but were wrong and probably won't even recognize Jesus when he comes again because we have changed the Bible so many times and many other things that just aren't true.  When China opens up it is going to explode. The Chinese people are all so kind. Three of our investigators right now are Chinese (Gary, Sho San, and a new investigator named Gaun). The Chinese are all so kind and just like "yeah I'd love to learn more".

Some fun facts I've noticed in my times here in Japan. Occasionally I will catch a random smell that will remind me of Sendai. It won't be food or anything, just a random really odd smell that I will notice I've smelt before and will remind me of Sendai.  Well that's actually all I can think of for now. Hope everyone is having a rockin good time in school!

Much Love,

Elder Bloomfield

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