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22 September 2013 - Azumi's Baptism

Well... Yesterday could have been one of the happiest days. I saw someone who was literally happier than any person I`d ever seen before. Azumi was baptized and literally glowing afterwards!   I don't know if I ever told you about Azumi`s story but it is quite amazing all of the things that played into her meeting with us and coming to God`s love.

So when Azumi was little she attended a English School in which the guy who owned it was an American Man and the family was all Mormon.  Her family became great friends with this family and did things with them all the time.   They even met the missionaries and had dinner with them when they were little and Azumi is fluent in English because when she was 6 years old an elder named Orsen Baker taught her English and she has remembered it all of these years.  The other amazing thing is that some sister missionaries gave her a CTR (choose the right) ring that she has also been wearing for such a long time.  Her family stayed in touch with Elder Baker over the years and Azumi`s memory of missionaries is how they had so much fun when they were little and how much love they had for everyone.  The next amazing part is that we did not find Azumi but she found us. As Elder Dolbin got off from the train at the station there was Azumi just staring at him and then she ran up to him and is like hey!  You are the missionaries. haha   Elder Dolbin was just like ummm well indeed yes, and she told us how she used to know missionaries and agreed to meet with us again. She then started taking the lessons and 3 months later has made the decision to be baptized.  She is most likely the happiest person I know, there was not a day she wasn't glowing with joy and to see that joy increase as we taught her was actually quite amazing.  After her baptism when she bore her testimony she didn't talk about how she knows Joseph Smith is a true prophet, she didn't talk about the Book of Mormon, but she spoke about how happy this gospel has made her. She spoke about the peace she feels and the love she feels when she comes to church. It really was the church that helped her know that this is the true church as well. She didn't come to church until 3 weeks ago after 2 months of teaching her, and then 3 weeks later she is baptized.  

This gospel is true and God has given it to us so that we can be happy!  We can try to fight the things God wants us to do, and live our lives in more misery, or we can follow the will of our Heavenly Father, which is in the end to make us more happy than we can imagine because he knows our lives and he knows what will happen. 

Saijo is growing it is so amazing!  Sasuga Azumi for being the first baptism in Saijo for over 2 years. So many different things played into her knowing of her loving Heavenly Father, God truly does love all of his children and in the right time you will understand the many miracles you have had in your own life. 

I'm giving my mission 110% and plan on doing that the entire 24 months. I've grown a lot in the last 4 months and want nothing more than to do my best.  Those who do what the Lord wants and then what they want serves the Lord.  Those who give their entire self to the Lord for his will is a disciple of Christ.

Also mom,  I decided I wanted to do the thing you always do at baptisms where everyone writes her a small message while she is changing  and apparently that isn't quite the common thing to do here because it took quite the multiple explaining to get everyone to understand and to do it.  Her birthday is tomorrow so we are going to give it to her then along with her new scriptures. 

Well I hope all is well!   That's the email for this week.  Godspeed pray tell.  God loves you!

Well I'm off to make a baptism book for Azumi!   Crafty Elder Bloomfield over here.

Ja mata wani

Elder Bloomfield

Azumi's baptism
Text Travis received from Azumi after her baptism
Travis, Azumi and Elder Dolbin

This is the email I received from Azumi after I sent her one to wish her a Happy Birthday and Congratulate her on her baptism
.  (From Mom - Kris Bloomfield)

Dear Kris,

Thank you so much for your lovely e-mail. I was very surprised when I got an e-mail from you.
How kind of you to celebrate my Baptism and Birthday!! You made me so happy :) Thanks a lot!!
Nice to meet you Kris.

Actually, I never expected when I first met missionaries on the road that I become to be baptized so soon, But now I'm very grateful that I was baptized and felt full of peace from the God. I didn't think that baptism is such a wonderful thing till now. I want to thank Elder Bloomfield from my heart for having teaching me many things.
He is a great missionary ever!! I really like him!! He is so nice, interesting and he always makes people happy. What's more, he already speaks very good Japanese and still working hard to learn it.
Yes, he told me that your family has lived in Sendai before. It's so marvelous that he was sent to Japan this time as a missionary and be able to live in one of your most favorite places to be. I'm also very happy too that your family had a good time living in Japan at that time.

Last week he showed me some photos of your family. You and your family look so nice!! You have such a lovely family. I wish I could meet you and your family in the near future!!
Please say hello to all your family ;)

with lots of love,
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