Wednesday, September 28, 2016

8 May 2015 - Completed Training's

Well this week we just carried out the rest of the training's. It was super fun, we trained on planning, contacting people in finding, and then went out with everyone and dendoed near the church for about an hour and a half to apply the training. I think in the last week I worked with about 8 different missionaries. It was super good. 

Also I lost my phone on one of the buses in Fukuoka.  When I finally got it just a couple days later I had 9 missed calls and 14 emails.   Woops!   Sometimes I forget how often we make phone calls. 

Well we need to take some of the reports to the Stake Presidents so we are off but I hope everyone is doing well! Happy haha, No "hi" to all. I will send a couple of the pics from Okinawa. 

Elder Bloomfield
Flying to Okinawa

Flying to Okinawa

"Hitting it hard"

Thought for the Week:

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