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26 January 2014 - Week Full of Fun

Howdy y'all,
It's funny because no one here actually says that.
Well this week was full of fun.   I  gave my 3rd talk in Sacrament Meeting.   This one was on sacrifice.   I related sacrifice to the peace we feel from it and how sacrifice really isn't for good, like in the olden days when people sacrificed animals,   God didn't actually need the animals, he didn't need the sacrifice, its all for us and remembering Christ and the promised peace that comes from it.   So it went pretty well I thought.   

I don't know if I ever told you but we do all of our talks in both Japanese and English because we have so many foreigners here in Saijo.   On Sunday we had 14 people from 6 different countries.   If you had told me a year ago that in a year from now I would be teaching in both Japanese and English to a priesthood class of Americans, Japanese, Mongolians, Chinese, and an Iranian... I most likely would not have believed you.   That has been my life the past few months.   It's pretty awesome.   

This week Tohma Kyodai became really sick from his diabetes and was hospitalized.  When we went to give him a blessing you could tell he was in a lot of pain,  so please keep him in your prayers.   It seems pretty serious. Without Tohma Kyodai none of this work in Saijo would have ever been possible,   He has done so much for the Saijo area and is an amazing member.   We pray he can recover soon. 

Also sad news about the Tonga's, so brother Tonga wasn't offered to play again this year so their family is having to move back to New Zealand as I think I told you, but it seems the only flight they can get that would work is on the 2nd of February, which yes, makes the baptism muri.   She told us though that she knows she wants to be baptized and thanked the missionaries for our help but is sad it can't happen here in Japan.   

We were also able to meet with Gary this week. His meetings always make me so sad for him.   He talks about how he loves the feelings he has when he meets with us.   He loves being able to feel Gods love when he is with us, but life right now is just so difficult.   His English is not perfect, and therefore because he is in the foreigners part of the college, his classes are pretty difficult,   He is always having to right reports and presentations and such, and has 2 jobs that he does whenever he doesn't have college work so he can help pay for his wife who is currently pregnant and always complaining he isn't home to help her.   He tells us how he wants to be baptized but he doesn't even have enough money to pay his rent right now and if he quit his job on Sundays it would just be no bueno.   The man has incredible faith though. 

We met a new Chinese family that is coming to FHE activity tonight and we are going to their house to learn how to make dumplings on Chinese New Year (Thursday).   That should be pretty good, except the husband and wife's mom is there who can't speak any English, so I had Sho teach me how to say `this is delicious!` and `making these dumplings is difficult` and also `you are very skilled` in Chinese.   I hope it goes well but we shall see.   Apparently my pronunciation is pretty awful. 

Life in Saijo is good.   Just really trying to study how to be a more effective missionary.   If Wilford woodruff could baptize thousands, Nephi could baptize nations, then a simple branch in just a couple of transfers is nothing too big.  I leave my faith in God to do his work through us missionaries and members and whatever happens happens right?

Romans 5:19
"For as by one man's disabedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous."
Elder Bloomfield

"You could say things have gotten pretty serious"

P-Day Fun at the Museum

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