Tuesday, February 18, 2014

16 February 2014 - Transferred to Kagoshima

Hey there family,
Well I have indeed been transferred down to Kagoshima as a zone leader.   Pretty surprising considering I'm expected to give 4 hour trainings and I have yet to even lead an hour District Meeting training.   Who woulda thought eh?   Kagoshima is pretty good though. 

Sho was really sad that I had to leave.   He is a funny man.  I will send you what he sent to me before I left.   It was a pretty heartfelt email and then a solid bye bye!! 

Here in Kagoshima there is an active volcano that erupts everyday.   It conveniently erupts with no, not lava, but just ash.   There is quite a bit of ash all over the streets and such.   This morning during my morning run,   I could almost open my eye for a solid 8 seconds straight before I was hit with some more ash.   That was the best record I had this morning.   

I have another Japanese companion, he is way cool. His name is Mukaitani Choro.   I'm excited to work with him this transfer,  I will learn a lot.   My apartment I have moved into has 3 Japanese and a Blondy (me).   So I should get to brush up on my Japanese a little bit more than when I was in Saijo.   Saijo`s large amount of foreigners kind of threw off my becoming fluent schedule so I will have to get back on track here where we will only speak Japanese.   Walking through the streets here in Kagoshima, I get a large amount of more stares than I got in Saijo.   It's like they don't see someone blond everyday or something its weird.   The branch we have here seems way cool though.   I am excited.   I was asked to give a talk on my first Sunday there (not much has changed since Pleasanton ehh?) so I was able to meet many of the members real quick from that.

Mukaitani Choro (Elder)

Cool stuff that happened in Saijo before I left.   We had a lesson with the Morita's and we were able to set up a new baptismal date with him.   The spirit was strong and you could tell he really has the desire.   The only problem is he has the desire when we are there, and he will want to grow and progress when we are there with the spirit, but when we aren't there his life is tiring to him and it is hard for the dad to follow through with his commitments.   We met with Gary and he was the purest kindest soul as usual, really wanting and really needing this gospel, but his life is just making having time to progress and do what he wants (come to church) impossible.   He had a way cool miracle.   We have never gotten to meet with his wife because she always kind of wants to avoid us and not meet with us, but they are moving apartments and yes, indeed, moving into the same apartments the mission couple, and the sister missionaries live in.  It is a 30 sec. walk from our apartment. What a coincidence, I doubt it!   God loves him so much!   Now we can meet his wife and bake bread anytime for his wife!   Yukihiro (Johhny Depp) was pretty devastated when I told him I was leaving.  haha   That crazy man. He told me he will write me a letter though so that should be interesting.   Saijo will always have a special place in my heart. We were able to see so many cool miracles there and see it grow so much in just 7 months and have grown close with many people there.   I hope that one day in my mission I can return there.

Last Okonomiyaki eaten in Saijo.  It will be missed!!!!

Other good news is as zone leaders we have a meeting with all the other zls and Assistants to the President and Kaicho (Mission President)at the beginning of each transfer, which means I will get to see Elder Dolbin tomorrow!

Well other than that,  I can't think of much else. My eating portions have drastically been cut, living with 3 nihonjin.  My stomach will either have to shrink or I will most likely die.   Perhaps the daily intake of ash will fix the problem ;) Kagoshima is good though   I am way excited to work with Elder Mukaitani!   He is a way hard worker which makes me very happy.  

I hope all is well and everyone is safe and happy!

Happy Anniversary to the wonderful Steve and Kris.   28 years later and you're still kickin.   Happy Valentines to all those who are single and looking for someone to tell them they are loved as well!   

Love you!
Elder Bloomfield
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