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18 August 2013 - Another Busy One

Well hallooo, this week was another busy one.
I had two junkais (splits) this week and stake conference in Takasu on
Sunday so basically I felt like I was away from Saijo all week it was
a bummer.

So the best news first, we streeted a man named Reuben that is from
West Africa (Mo you will probably like this). He is from Seirra
Leone.  He is most likely one of the most inspirational men  I have ever met.
He said his country just got out of a civil war about 10 years ago and
he has seen some pretty crazy stuff. One example is he was telling us
about how he knows through faith in god you recieve blessings and
protection, he said there was a time when there were bombs going off
all around his home and every home was blown up except his remained
standing and none of his family died from the war. He has amazing
faith in God but not much knowledge about Jesus Christ at all. He
loves to meet with us and just talk though.  He said he thinks it is
very important for everyone to share the word of God even if it is
just for 30 seconds. One quote that he said was that in his country
they say, `the word of god never reaches the ground, it always finds a
way to be spread` so all the people that kekko us on the streets, it
is not in vain. the man is pretty amazing.   He is in Hiroshima for
college, he wants to get a phd in peace and has a scholarship to study here.
So, that is Reuben.   We are hoping that we can get Jay (a less active
who served his mission in Africa, who is here for professional rugby)
to joint with us and learn a little something of faith and effort from
our investigator Reuben.

Johhny Depp didn't meet with us this week, he is odd as ever.   He ditched coming to church and didn't show up to our last appointment so I don't know about his progressing.  He calls us sometimes and will say,  "if I read the Book of Mormon and pray I will be happy?" and we tell him yes, and he says "okay I will do that," then an hour later he won't come to our appointment. We think it's because he is too depressed to even leave his house but were not sure.  He has many private items including like 5 glasses, most of which are over like $400, he has the fancy feather hat, Johnny Depp beenie, just everything he wears is something Johnny Depp has been seen wearing it before.
"Johnny Depp"

Azumi has been out of town as well, and Gary we have only been able to email
because he is so busy with all his finals this week but we are meeting
with him on Thursday to reestablish a baptismal date for when he gets
home from China.
Alder Dolbin, Travis and Azumi

So all that combined with the junkais was pretty much our week,
combined with lots of streeting, housing, and then more streeting. Oh
we had a Zone Taikai (conference) that the ap`s came to and Gustafson kaiicho, and
they emphasized a lot the importance of working with members and such.
It gets me so fired up to work with members but then I remember, there
are only 2 in Saijo, and we meet with both of them every week. hah.
They are both amazing members, but, until we can find more members to
work with, we will continue to street our butts off until we can find
someone.   We meet with the members in our ward who live in Hikari every
Sunday but none of them have friends in Saijo, so we just do service
for them and keep a good relationship with them and let them know of
our love for them.

Oh yeah, my companion also got hit by a car last week haha. We were
just biking to the city next to Saijo (our area actually has like 3
cities in it, it is rather large) and a car didn't see him and hit him.
It wasn't bad at all though.  He didnt even fall over,  just a neat lil
Unlucky Elder Dolbin

Well I hope all is well in the days of summer ending for you all.
Sounds like a blast for all. Keep Reuben, Gary, and Johnny Depp in your
prayers.  I will continue to street like crazy and sweat a little bit
of a lot in the process. Dendo (missionary) work is amazing!   I've grown so much in
the last 2 months and I love it.   God speed my friends.

Much love,

Elder Bloomfield

Stare down

Dinner is served

Kompai (Cheers)
Hiroshima Zone

Thought for the week:

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