Friday, May 9, 2014

5 May 2014 - Happy Kodomo No Hi (Children's Day)

Hey hey hey!   Happy kodomo no hi! (Children's Day) 

So last week was a good time.   This morning has been fun.   We woke up at 4:30am  to bike out to attend seminary this morning, only to find out it is still Golden Week (Japans Spring Break) and there is no seminary.   haha   I got a pretty good laugh out of it.   We also found out the place where we usually email, is closed because of Golden Week, so we had to climb the mountain to the church and us 4 missionaries are sharing this one computer.   haha.   So I also got a pretty good laugh from this one.   One of the other Elders is a lil upset at how our day has gone so far, but needless to say, I don't have much time today. 

This week we met a guy named Watanabe san.   It is cool because lately President has been talking about how much our church is becoming known and lately many many people are meeting missionaries time and time again which was not very common before now.   So we streeted into Watanabe san and found out he received a Book of Mormon about a year ago.   He never met with the missionaries again so we assumed he never really read much of it.   During our lesson later in the week we asked him about it and he said he read the entire Book of Mormon and later in the lesson when we wanted to share with him how he can come to know of its truthfulness he told us, "oh I pretty much have a lot of the same thoughts of the Book of Mormon. I think it's true already.   We were like what!   Hey hey there buddy there ya go!   He was way cool and that was a cool miracle from the week. 

Similar to that we met with a woman named Irisa san.   Similar to Watanabe san, 3 years ago when her husband was near death in the hospital the missionaries randomly called her and taught her about prayer.   Then she said she didn't have contact with them again but through prayer she was able to overcome that challenge and her husband was able to become healthy again despite his sickness in the hospital and has a way strong testimony of prayer and prays everyday for the most part.   Now we come and find her and are able to teach her even more and help her to progress to her loving Heavenly Father.   It just goes to show that no effort goes unwaisted.   Seeds are planted and peoples lives are changed when much of the time we have no idea.   God knows what he is doing, we must trust him. 

Today is transfers and I am kind of bummed.   The zone saw so many cool miracles this transfer and I don't want people to transfer out.   April was a pretty dang cool month for the zone.   Alot of the areas are building up and making way solid growth.   The zone was actually able to find 4x as many investigators last month compared to January.   It just keeps building up each month, it is way cool to see the growth every week. 

Well much love to all.   I should prolly let the other Elder email now but see ya next Monday! on MOTHERS DAY!


Love ya,

Elder Bloomfield

Hangin with the Primary 

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